Graduate Students

The International Society of Anglo-Saxonists offers exciting opportunities for graduate students working in all areas of Anglo-Saxon studies.  Every two years the Society hosts a graduate workshop which takes place just before the ISAS biennial conference and it annually sponsors  ‘New Voices in Anglo-Saxon Studies’ sessions by graduate students and young researchers at the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University and at the International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds.  The Society is able to offer a number of travel awards to enable students to attend the graduate workshop.  Students are also encouraged to apply for funding from the Lynne Grundy Memorial trust, with which the Society maintains close ties.

Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust. Lynne Grundy was well-known to members of ISAS, not least for her unsurpassed work on the theology of her fellow Eynsham alumn, Aelfric. This Trust continues to honour her memory by offering several grants annually to students and faculty. For more information, please visit the Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust.

Old English Blogs

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The Corpus of Old English is available from the Oxford text Archives. You can write a search engine for it, and run a search on your home computer. Directions are here.

Web resources are listed here, including Google Books. We are trying to keep a list of books most necessary for Anglo-Saxonists to know. If you have suggestions, please email the webmaster.

Graduate Conferences

Please forward notices of graduate student conferences to ISAS.

Graduate Workshop ISAS 2015 (Glasgow)

We are pleased to announce the pre-conference Graduate Workshop 'Tools of the Trade', which will take place on the Saturday and Sunday before the ISAS 2015 conference (1-2 August). This is a free workshop, and includes two days of accommodations and free registration to the subsequent conference. Applications are due by March 2, 2015, and full information may be found on the conference website: www.isas2015.com/postgraduate-workshop.

Graduate Workshop ISAS 2013 (Dublin)

On 28-29 July, 2013, 16 graduate students and recent PhDs from the United States, Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Holland, Canada and Granada participated in a graduate workshop on 'Digital Resources: Data and Databases'. The workshop was run by Dr Peter Stokes from the Department of Digital Humanities in King's College, London, with sessions by Professor Toni Healey from the Toronto Dictionary of Old English, Professor Michael Drout, of Wheaton College, the lead investigator on the interdisciplinary Lexomics project (http://lexomics.wheatoncollege.edu.
Full details of the workshop may be found here,while slides and worksheets from Peter Stokes's presentations may be found here and here .

ISAS 2011

At ISAS 2011 in Madison, grants were awarded to sixteen graduate students and recent PhDs to fund their participation in a hands-on workshop on "Making (and Theorizing) the Early Medieval Book." The workshop was be led by Jonathan Wilcox of the University of Iowa and Michelle Brown of the University of London. The amount of money awarded defrayed travel costs to and from Madison. In addition, awardees were be provided with free housing in dormitory units for the duration of both the workshop and the conference.

Full details of the workshop may be found here, and photos of the workshop in action here: here.